A) HVAC Validation

MATRIX LAB is proud to introduce it self as HVAC complete solution for better and clean environment in working and production area. Our ambition is to become a leading force in Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning and Clean room Equipment of high quality and that to meet standards of Clean room technology. We undertake the projects including HVAC, LAF, etc. as per National Standard MHRA, MCA, USFDA, GMP and WHO requirement, (at all the critical as well as non critical stages of manufacturing & Functioning from start to finish with ensures & assures total peace of mind in context of perfect quality of all products & services).

B) Compressor Air Validation

The demand for compressed air quality depends on its usage. In some industries extremely high quality air is of utmost importance. We have the tools to validate compressed air in accordance to ISO8573 with respect to: Dewpoint, Oil carryover, Moisture content, Particulate Burden. We can also assess the air for trace gases (including Carbon Dioxide/Monoxide) with the use of industry standard draeger tubes. For very high quality (Class 1 or greater) we have connections with analytical laboratories that can analyze out filter papers for hydrocarbon and viable burdens. We have considerable experience working in pharmaceutical GMP areas providing validation of systems during IQ, OQ and PQ validation stages. Out validation work is not limited to compressed air however; we can easily test in other inert gases using the same equipment and techniques.